MeshBox BiWeekly Report (2020.05.30-2020.06.12)

This week, MeshBox Chief Strategist Harry, MeshBox advisor Henry Wang and the business development representative of a new network operator discussed the integration of 5G and Mesh network and the integration of satellite Internet constellation with blockchain technology.

Wi-Fi Mesh networking is a form of highly inter-connected high-bandwidth communication, which is naturally distributed. MeshBox is suitable for such a bottom-up networking architecture. With reasonable incentives, MeshBox will move from a sporadic network to a last-mile network – A network with high-bandwidth communication capabilities for the Internet, with distributed computing and distributed storage, and at the same time enabling ultra-large-scale connectivity for Internet of Things. When MeshBox is deployed in embedded applications, such as beaches or farms, Internet of Things applications are developed to detect temperature and humidity, cattle and sheep location, and agricultural product traceability. MeshBox is an essential building-block in a HyperMesh architecture, to allow trillions of low-power sensors for wide area data collection.

Providing an incentive mechanism is particularly important in the process of building the network from the bottom up. Such incentives will promote the rapid formation of a comprehensive application network. MeshBox team mainly researched the promotion of the MESH incentive mechanism and MeshBox’s IoT software architecture for this week.

Here are the specifics of this week:

Software development

  1. The MeshBox team and the GTI Internet of Things company developed technical interfaces to help GTI software engineers configure the environment for Docker on MeshBox Tesla.
  2. Developed Tango App’s new API interface to obtain online information after successful authentication.
  3. Upgraded some programs of Tesla and Turing firewalls to solve compatibility problems.
  4. Increase MeshBox- Maxwell’s support for Docker, which is still in progress.

Software test

Tests passed include :

MeshBox-Turing 2020-06-10 14:37:37 v3.2.5.678 version

MeshBox-Tesla 2020-06-10 14:38:20 v2.2.5.679 version

Upgraded kernel for MeshBox Turing and MeshBox Tesla

Supported Docker, allowing MeshBox to further support the application layer.

Optimized luci-mbapp

Optimized iptables

Added getTimeout interface

Modified wifidog hashdump

Product Management:


The progress of Tesla FCC certification and forensics, the first complete submission has received feedback, and the second submission is currently being prepared. Doubts about the changed documentation issues have been resolved with the certification company. At present, the internal determination of the silk screen printing content, subsequent engineering changes and the machine block diagram document work are underway.

Product progress

  1. Research on Internet of Things software architecture.
  2. Further developed the MESH incentive mechanism, related to token mining, further refining content delivery in the MeshBox network and data transmission incentives including Internet, Internet of Things, distributed computing and storage etc.

The specific work is as follows:


  1. Dr. Peter, MeshBox CEO, invited Dr. Andy Wang, CTO of GTI, to speak at the SUSS WorkShop on Internet of Things. The IoT platform of the two parties, MeshBox Tesla with the integrated GTI IoT module is currently being debugged. The resulting HyperMesh network will lay the foundation for blockchain-based IoT data collection and transmission.
  2. This week, the MeshBox team discussed with an operator on the integration of 5G and Mesh networks and the integration of satellite Internet constellation and blockchain technology.
  3. The MeshBox team is assisting in the design and research of the low-orbit satellite constellation interaction technology based on blockchain technology such as coverage proof, connection proof, and security proof. The project will be addressed in the SUSS-SmartMesh workshop.
  4. MESH team will start accounting for MESH tokens from May 15, 2020 to June 14, 2020. MESH token holders who have not sent relevant information to MESH team please do so as soon as possible to complete token verification, thank you!
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