MeshBox Tesla Attains FCC License

Huge news on the decentralized hardware front, the MeshBox Tesla model has passed audit and acquired an FCC license! This follows on the heels of the MeshBox Maxwell model obtaining 3C certification. In order to attain this immensely important stamp of approval the MeshBox Tesla had to jump through the hoops of high standards for measurements in performance, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, environmental protection, hygience and other benchmarks and now sits on the same bar as all other devices that have made the FCC grade. Now the road is paved for MeshBox to really break into the market and trailblaze a new future for infrastructure, communications and a robust new multi-polar decentralized worldwide economy.

Message from the CEO

“Today is a huge milestone for MeshBox Foundation Pte Ltd and the development of  the MeshBox Tesla model. Now the MeshBox has truly taken a step forward in addressing inclusive connectivity, banking and tradable IoT, because it is not just about technological advances and innovation, it is also about realistically deploying them within the spheres of legality, culture and pragmatism. Now that MeshBox Tesla has passed all the necessary hurdles to get an FCC license, we can put our full focus on marketing, deployment and further development.

I’d like to personally thank our technical and business teams for working closely with the  certification agencies and seeing this through so that we can directly address the global market without hindrance.

Having an FCC license makes it infinitely easier to acquire corresponding licenses in numerous countries you can easily obtain other corresponding licenses in multiple countries, for example those in Southeast Asia, one of our main focus markets.

MeshBox Tesla is a revolutionary device with multiple integrations to communications protocols and the cornerstone of HyperMesh’s infrastructure. HyperMesh is a cyber-physical infrastructure that includes computing, storage, communication, energy, and the Internet of Things. It is also a blockchain based tokenized financial technology solution.

MeshBox can act as a bridge between many networks as well as Fintech protocols. These include connecting to any type of modem via Ethernet RJ45 to provide Internet service and also satellite broadcast Internet, 4G cellular network via integrated SIM card slots, GPS, Wifi 5 Mesh and the LoRa low-power WAN protocol.

MeshBox also directly supports multiple Fintech protocols, including the Spectrum public chain, the Photon offline/online payment network, Atmosphere cross-chain interoperability architecture, and many distributed applications such as file storage, secure messaging, edge computing and education platforms.

For the MeshBox Foundation and its ecosystem partner SmartMesh Foundation, this is a huge first step clearing the way to deploy the HyperMesh infrastructure that will benefit mankind and innovate a new world culture built around its inclusive and far reaching decentralized ecosystem.”

Dr. Peter Yan, CEO for MeshBox Foundation

The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 US states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. An independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress, the Commission is the federal agency responsible for implementing and enforcing America’s communications law and regulations.

An FCC License refers to and legitimizes any paging, mobile telephone, specialized mobile radio, microwave, personal communications services or other license, permit, consent, certificate of compliance, franchise, approval, waiver or authorization granted or issued by the FCC, including authorizing or permitting the acquisition, construction or operation of any Wireless Communications System.

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