MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.07.25-2020.08.07)

This week, MeshBox consultant Henry Wang and Business Development Director Jedi were invited to visit China Satellite Communications Group Co., Ltd. to communicate with company leaders and the General Manager of their broadband business department. China Satellite Communications Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company in China and the only independent and controllable satellite communications operator and basic telecommunications operator in China. It provides radio and television broadcasting, supplementary extension of terrestrial communications, rescue and disaster relief, maritime rights protections, and international peacekeeping with services including frequency track resource declaration and maintenance. The Broadband Division of Satcom Corporation is very interested in combining MeshBox and Satcom’s satellite terminals to implement the last mesh network mile and its innovative operation model. The two parties will further carry out technical docking and pilot network promotions. Mr. Dong of Satcom Broadband said that three high-throughput satellites including China Satellite No. 16 can provide support for MeshBox to develop the domestic market. The commerce department will continue to follow up and deepen the collaboration.

MeshBox’s marketing team is in the midst of conducting intensive mentoring to help 14 teams participating in the Singapore Blockchain Challenge realize the feasible design solutions in the shortest time. They’ve also established the Meshbox Community Ecosystem website ( website that allows individuals, companies, and groups to participate in MeshBox ecosystem communications, develops and expands the MeshBox international community, and provides resources, financial and technical support for the MeshBox ecosystem project. Dan, the Global Marketing Director, has formulated a detailed marketing plan for this.  Now there is also regular content being published on the site’s blog which you can reach here:

Here are the specifics for the last couple of weeks:


Software development

1. Optimized the performance of MeshBox 2.4G wireless and added support for VHT mode.

2. Optimized MeshBox Wi-Fi password to allow for special characters.

3. Increased the log of the system upgrade, now you can trace the source when the upgrade.

Software testing

Updated Versions:

MeshBox-Maxwell v1.2.5.755

MeshBox-Tesla v2.2.5.757

MeshBox-Turing v3.2.5.766

Optimized wireless performance, 2.4G wireless newly supports VHT rate.

Added iperf3, batctl, and upgrade log.

Optimized WiFi password to allow special characters.


MeshBox-Tesla has been approved for an FCC License!

MeshBox-Tesla FCC progress: The certification company considers the router to be a commercial router and added a software security protocol document to fill in temporarily. Last week, our colleagues in the company successfully completed the questionnaire and filled out all the documents. The submission review was conducted this week, and the pre-review of all the text file agency companies submitted has been approved. The pre-certificate for FCC certification has been issued this week. At present, the router hardware and paperwork have reached the requirements of the FCC certification company, and the actual certification process is being carried out.

Product Updates:

  1. Designing of the management system of MeshBox management backstage, MESH issuance and mining.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. The Singapore Blockchain Challenge jointly organized by SUSS, SmartMesh and MeshBox is in full swing. 14 teams have joined the competition. The marketing team is mentoring the 14 participating teams to help them focus on integrating blockchain and MeshBox into their plans, and streamline the scope of the project, so that the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can be realized as soon as possible in a short time.

This week, collaboration and communications between MeshBox, SmartMesh and ecosystem partner companies are also being carried out during the mentoring sessions, in order to ensure the possibility of future deployments of MeshBox across many industries, including education, the Internet of Things, supply chain, shipping, and many more.


When Henry Wang and Jedi visited Satcom, their leaders and the general manager of the broadband business department led MeshBox to visit the satellite broadband network operation center and introduced the 15 satellites currently in orbit. Among them, satellite 16 has a bandwidth of 20Gbps, and a total of 400G mainly covers the developed areas of central and southeast China. Satcom will build an integrated air, space and ground operations and all nodes of the ground network will be displayed and maintained to meet different SLA (Service-Level Agreement) requirements.


Satcom’s management led MeshBox and his party to visit the product exhibition hall to introduce the Internet of Things, VOIP phones, high-definition TV and other businesses and related products. MeshBox personnel also tried out Satcom’s high-throughput satellite products such as VoIP and 4K HDTV and it was a wonderful interactive experience.


The MeshBox team communicated with Satcom where MeshBox introduced its own business, including the Space-Ground Integration Network, Internet of Things, distributed storage, inclusive finance, distributed computing, edge storage and computing. The Broadband Division of Satcom Corporation is very interested in utilizing MeshBox and Satcom’s satellite terminals to form the last mile of mesh network on the ground and establish innovative operation models. The two parties will further carry out technical docking and pilot network promotions.


  1. Jedi, Business Development Director of MeshBox, and Olive, the Product Manager, communicated with QUDOOR which is mainly engaged in quantum communications and quantum computing, on product cooperation plans. The product characteristics and application scenarios will be based on the performance and security advantages of QUDOOR products and MeshBox’s application flexibility and multi-services capacity to build a collaborative promotion plan. This can be promoted in areas which require high security and resilient privacy, such as finance, electric power private networks, electronic government services, etc.


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