MeshBox Biweekly Report (2021.03.06 -2021.03.19)

This week, MeshBox’s NFT+DeFi model has attracted the attention of Singapore strategic investors and exchanges. The Internet of Value is an improvement over the Internet of Information with the integration of Blockchain technology. Based on the history of the Internet and blockchain, the MeshBox Foundation is planning the distributed Internet of Value Genesis launch. The founding members of the distributed Internet of Value will form the HyperMesh DAO, and vote to make decisions for the Internet of Value development. The MeshBox distributed network NetFi model has great value and significance for the Southeast Asian market and the development of inclusive finance. This is the new infrastructure for distributed network (DeNet) and decentralized network finance (NetFi).

The following is our recent work in detail:

1. Formulate plan for MeshBox PCDN hardware development and funding.

2. Research data on Qualcomm WiFi 6 SOC hardware.

3. Preparation for function and algorithm test of TEE in distributed storage and edge computing.

4. Research the Uboot code and analyze the Uboot memory initialization process.

5. Compile Uboot used by the IPQ6018 development board.

6. Planning for MeshBox++Clarke outdoor version and other indoor versions.

1. Researched and analyzed the PCDN business market in Southeast Asia. Streaming media business is one of the main business scenarios of PCDN.

In the first half of 2020, streaming media businesses grew rapidly in the Southeast Asian market. According to German market and consumer data company Statista, the digital finance service market size in Southeast Asia is around $550 million U.S. dollars in 2020, which is far less than that in China and the United States. On the other hand, the growth rate for Southeast Asia reached 25%, higher than the global average of 16%. This means that the streaming media market in Southeast Asia is still in the early stages of development, it is the perfect time for companies to enter.

The global pandemic greatly spurred the development of streaming media platforms. According to a previous report by Media Partners Asia, during the pandemic, in the four major Southeast Asian streaming media markets — Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, some top video companies’ weekly streaming media watch time in the entire region has increased by more than 500%.

2. Researched the price and performance of home router products in Southeast Asia.

3. Generated NFT+DeFi solutions and pricing for PCDN products.

The specific work of business marketing is as follows:

Discussed MeshBox transfer and local technical support matters with partners in the Philippines. The current epidemic situation in the Philippines is severe, and the MeshBox Foundation has not been able to send staff directly to the Philippines from Singapore, the United States nor China. The original plan was that MeshBox CEO Peter would go to the Philippines from the United States. Instead, MeshBox will remotely train local technicians in the Philippines, who will then deploy and install equipment in the Philippines.

1. MeshBox’s NFT+DeFi model has attracted the attention of Singapore strategic investors and exchanges. Many conference calls have been conducted this week over this.

2. Discussed cooperation and technical solutions with a Singapore supply chain company, to be deployed possibly in Papua New Guinea. The NFT+DeFi model can be used in Papua New Guinea’s network deployment and DeFi open finance. The two parties will continue to work on the technical integration plan next week, including the use of MeshBox Photon Network node payment.

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