MeshBox Biweekly Report (2021.12.11–2021.12.24)

The MeshBox Foundation wishes all members of the MeshBox and SmartMesh ecosystem community a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  HitBTC has finally opened deposit and withdrawal of MESH just before Christmas, clearing a major obstacle for the development of MeshBox project. 2022 will be a year of large-scale development and deployment of MeshBox!


1. Studied the feasibility of running Spectrum services (e.g., paid internet service) on third-party hardware.  Compiled process flow chart and requirements documentation of Spectrum Paid Internet service.

2. Researched U-boot implementation principle on MIPS platform.

3. Participated in Proof-of-Mesh Technology discussion


1. Participated in MeshBox paid internet services discussion

2. Analyzed implementation of protocol layer in third-party hardware

1. Analyzed business model and product positioning of competing IoT products.

2. Participated in testing and development discussion on paid Internet services.

1. On Christmas Eve, Peter, the MeshBox CEO has met discussed with representatives from South America on the deployment of a MeshBox network POC project in an Argentina village. As there is no Internet service in such remote areas, it is a challenging scenario for traditional networking technology. The decentralized services made possible by MeshBox devices and its partner SmartMesh will be useful in such areas, even where the internet is not available. For people in South American countries, Starlink Internet access is too expensive for any one family.  However, the HyperMesh infrastructure solution offers an option to share the internet backhaul and reduce network costs.

2. HitBTC has resumed the deposit and withdrawal of MESH. The MeshBox marketing and international volunteers have discussed the program in warming up the MESH community as well as further developing the MeshBox community in tandem with the launch of its ecosystem partner project, MetaLife, in January.

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