MeshBox Biweekly Report (2022.05.14–2022.05.27)

This week, the MeshBox team held several conference calls with partners from different continents to discuss the arrival of low-orbit satellite constellations in the continents and countries of interest. Our partners who dedicated their work to inclusive communication and promoting peace and economy are interested in deploying MeshBoxes in last-mile mesh access networks with satellite and other internet backhaul networks. The partners are also interested in SmartMesh offline payment and MetaLife social networking applications with intermittent internet, which is applicable to regions where internet is not available, or unstable, due to inclement weather for satellite and other wireless internet backhauls. SmartMesh offline payment and MetaLife offline communication and social networking are excellent choices for the last-mile networks for a stable and practical space-to-ground integration network.

The consensus of these international partners is to connect the unconnected first and promote Web3 and economic development in developing countries through non-governmental and cross-border organizations. The strategy is to first develop inclusive communication and finance with connectivity from satellite internet services such as Starlink and then develop consensus on interconnection and interoperability of the connected low-orbit constellations using PoM (Proof of Mesh consensus) for satellites.  At a time when competition for control of the sky and orbital position becomes contentious, the interconnection and interoperability of low-orbit satellite constellations is crucial to the peaceful development of mankind.

Software Development

1. Explored options to transplant driver of ath11k to IPQ6010 platform to enable the support of MESH network;

2. Explored methods to obtain information related to wireless access in the system for PoM implementation;

3. Studied the principle of mibib partition in Qualcomm QSDK, and expanded the root size of the existing system.

Hardware Development

  1. Discussed Starlink+Mesh networking of MeshBox deployment on a farm in Texas with third-party hardware equipment providers.

1. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan has held discussions with Canyon Crest Academy, a High School in San Diego, USA, working with the Mawoud School in Kabul which provides education to children, especially girls. CCA runs an interactive teaching program between students at CCA and students at Mawoud. The program is facing challenges with the lack of quality internet access, with internet speeds at Mawoud being limited to 2 Mbps using fixed wireless and 3 to 5 Mbps on cellular. MeshBox is in discussions to find higher speed internet backhauls, such as through Starlink in the future, and connect the school and adjoining communities with WiFi internet access. Decentralized education applications can then be deployed on MeshBoxes and related hardware to provide education in a local network, even with the Internet is intermittent or down.

2. Recently, Advisor to MeshBox Henry Wang was invited to give a keynote speech and interactive Q&A to more than 500 MBA and EMBA entrepreneurs of Tongji University on “Opportunities of the Digital Economy under the Metaverse”. Prior to that, Mr. Henry has also given a lecture on “Entering Web3 and Metaverse” for the Fudan-London Business School-Bocconi Singapore module. All lectures were well received by the teachers and students.

Henry believes that, at a time when the world is becoming more and more chaotic and war-torn, and anti-globalization has unfortunately become a trend, the development of Web3 has become particularly important. Web3 will bring a fundamental change in human connection and consensus, and will also be accompanied by the reconstruction of global social capital and relationships. The development of the Metaverse enables the classical, traditional digital economy, and gives everyone a parallel universe in their lives. The MBA/EMBA students came to better understand the evolution from Web1 to Web3 at the most fundamental level, and how the Metaverse has become a new engine of the digital economy, which can lead everyone to a consensus on how to build a community with a shared future for the humankind!


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