What is MeshBox?

MeshBox is a central node providing efficient routing, storage and data streaming, to mesh networks where smart phones and IoT devices are the common nodes.

MeshBox Main Functions

MeshBox Business/Profit Model


  1. Acting as a routing forwarding node on a mesh network and a sub transaction node in the Raiden Network, the MeshBox can receive SMT rewards.
  2. MeshBox contributes hard disk space to the system, caches data resources, and receives a proportionate amount of MESH tokens for doing so.
  3. In the future, MeshBox will also be a participant in DAPP utilization, and get appropriate rewards from the DAPPs involved.

Pro-rated Flow billing

Value transfers via MeshBox.Throughput measurement and pro-rated billing

Document sharing

Shared storage,Subscription partitions,File sharing,Profitability based on the above services

Multiple Mining Abilities

Any time and any place it is possible to profit with a MeshBox. MeshBox has two indoor and two outdoor mining capabilities leveraging blockchain technology to reward users with digital assets.

Off Chain Payments

Leveraging the Raiden Network to set up underlink channels, secure payments that are both offchain and offline can be made via MeshBox.

Provide Mesh

Enable Mesh for all kinds of IoT devices providing them Mesh network access

Bandwidth Money Earning

Cashing in on Mesh network interoperability bandwidth with users contributing idle bandwidth to build Mesh networks, and getting rewards from forwarding data packets.

Content Sharing

Sharing content through boxes and gaining SMT rewards via other people downloading.

1、MeshBox is a hardware device that serves as a data routing protocol for mesh networks — essentially IGP running on Cisco, BGP

2、It is a mesh file exchange protocol– internet HTTP equivalent

3、Running on Box device

1、The mesh network’s value protocol — equivalent to the internet’s TCP/IP protocol stack

2、Runs on all mesh network nodes supporting the mesh

Meshbox Physical Deployment

Real Use Case Examples

Community Network Building

A physical MeshBox can be deployed in any community and serve as the central node of a local mesh network regardless of internet/telecom accessibility. It can accommodate all of the community residents’ life, entertainment and educational needs as well as act as a gateway to the greater internet.

Off the Grid Deployment

Imagine that we are going to establish a network on an island in the South Pacific, where there are no ground lines and the power supply is insufficient to sustain a normal network infrastructure.

We take several MeshBoxes with a broadcasting capability of reaching a 2km radius into the island. They consume little electricity, and let the signal cover every corner of the island. Residents access the island network through mobile phones, participate in the sharing of digital resources via the MeshBox, and can communicate with each other and even make secure transactions.

A mini mesh network is born on the island. The establishment of this network is so fast and efficient it is likely done in a single day.

E-commerce Application Features

MeshBox will change your life acting as a hub for all encompassing community benefits.

Everyone is connected. Everyone benefits. Sharing and interaction is manifold. Mining opportunities are diverse and profitable.

  • Multiple Mining Modes
  • File sharing and streaming
  • Secure offchain and offline payments
  • Adaptable modes and functionality

MeshBox Progress