MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.3.26–2018.3.30)

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.3.26–2018.3.30)

Now that MeshBox, the world’s first decentralized blockchain based Mesh network router and protocol with cryptocurrency mining capabilities is rapidly gaining public awareness, the MeshBox team has decided to issue a weekly report to give everyone insight into progress and developments on the project.

So, in this first weekly report we will get straight into the details:

Technical Directions

Prototype Design

On March 31st, the team released the first hardware visual prototype. After sorting through over 30 designs that were being taken into consideration the team finally narrowed down their options and zeroed in on the final selection.

The prototype had to be appealing visually and aesthetically while also having a structure that suits the hardware and architecture which it will encase.  The design must be optimized so that it will maximize efficiency in terms of power consumption and other factors as well as have a sleek look.


Now a design has been chosen and the dimensions of the new MeshBox are set at 129 x 129 x 220mm. The team sincerely hopes that everyone will like the design as much as we do.

The resolution of this design brings the work of Q1 2018 to completion. As we delve into Q2 the focus of our work will shift towards developing the operating system, ad hoc network, routing and other functions.

Hardware Specs

On March 31st, the team released the full set of MeshBox hardware specs to the outside world. MeshBox supports multiple network standards with a maximum transmission rate of 2.6Gbps. It features a built-in Intel processor with a 120G hard disk and runs on a main frequency of 1.6GHz. It comes equipped with WAN, Ethernet, USB, hard disk and other interfaces so that it can adapt to and be configured with other devices and set-ups.

MeshBox has multiple Wi-Fi capabilities including IEEE 802.11a, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11ac WAVE2 and its omnidirectional antenna can provide simultaneous access for multiple intelligent devices.

After seeing these parameters we believe everyone will now have a much better idea of exactly what the MeshBox is shaping up to be.  The team is very excited to unleash the power of the world’s first decentralized blockchain based Mesh Router with storage, streaming and mining capabilities, and we believe the world is ready to put them right into action!

Market Action

International Activity

On March 22nd, the MeshBox MESH Token launched on the HitBTC exchange. This marked the debut of the MeshBox project’s next phase and officially put MESH on the market.  In the future we will strive to make the MESH token available on multiple markets and be a strong and widely accepted fungible.

Xiao Yongquan, the founder of MeshBox Foundation Pte. Ltd., just completed a trip to America to conduct in-depth technical and product design exchanges with MeshBox partners. Proceeding directly out of these meetings will be the MeshBox outdoor version design.

China Activity

The first ever MeshBox T-shirts are now being printed and the team hopes that the MeshBox logo will become a ubiquitous recognizable symbol throughout China. The t-shirts will be distributed to MeshBox enthusiasts through soon to be held events and activities. Once the t-shirts are in place people will be alerted through media channels about how to grab them.

You can search for and follow “MeshBox” official accounts on WeChat or Weibo to get all the latest Chinese language Meshbox updates.

Meshbox updates and publications can now also be found on so feel free to search for us there as well.

Activity Preview:

The MeshBox Team will be present at the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference in Singapore on April 17th and 18th, 2018 with lectures, panel talks and product demos on the agenda.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check next week’s edition for the latest MeshBox updates.

* all times mentioned in this article are Singapore time

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