MeshBox Weekly 2018.4.09 – 2018.4.15

MeshBox Weekly 2018.4.09 – 2018.4.15

Hello Everyone.  Today is April 16, 2018 and tomorrow, the MeshBox team will show off the latest achievements of the project in Singapore at the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference.

The MeshBox project has been moving steadily forward making progress on numerous fronts including the development stage of the open source SmartMesh based hardware protocol and the MeshBox router itself. So here are the latest updates:

Appearance & Design

Although the team has released the hardware outer design for the indoor version of MeshBox, more fine-tuned adjustments are still being added. Last week, after some team discussion, we decided to make a more precise adjustment of the top lights and LOGO positions on top of the MeshBox.

Now we are really curious to know what you think.  Is the old version better?  Or the newly adjusted one?

Technical Developments

If we want to achieve stable operation for the MeshBox, a robustly featured system is necessary. So last week, the technology team launched the MeshBox back-end development program. At present, the MeshBox Web management interface framework has been completed, the basic function page H5 has been completed and transplanted into the framework, and the development of the remaining functional modules are also coming along smoothly.

The first MESH network communication demo test combining the MeshBox with the SmartMesh App was completed last week. Now, the tech team will make further optimizations based on the results.

The MeshBox official webpage has also had a makeover. It’s now a bit more clear and the navigation bar has been adjusted making it easier to find what you need.

Market Directions

Professor Li Guoquan, a blockchain icon of Singapore, joined the MeshBox blockchain ecosystem project as a consultant. The expert from Singapore Xinyue University’s finance technology and blockchain technology departments began studying blockchain technology as early as 2012.

When blockchain was just an infant in the eyes of the public, Professor Li Guoquan proposed that “blockchain technology will have a major influence on the world”. Now, the current trends that blockchain technology is taking are confirming Professor Li Guoquan’s views.

Professor Li is also a member of SmartMesh’s advisory group and we can see that he has an uncanny eye for hot technology at an early stage.

From 15:00 – 20:00 on April 14th, Mr. Xiao Yongquan, the founder of MeshBox, had a 5-hour online communication session with people interested in the developments of MeshBox. The subject of discussion mainly focused on product functionality and the deployment of MeshBox.

Following the celebration of the MeshBox Design release by the marketing team came a successful airdrop activity and the quota of 6000 recipients was reached long before the 7-day time limit was met.

Here, we announce the number of the top 5 invited users. Congratulations!

ID users of 1808284449 have 451 people entering the community through your invitation links. You will get 30300MESH

ID users of 1716215037 have 213 people entering the community through your invitation links. You will get 19500MESH

ID users of 1439990923 have 129 people entering the community through your invitation links. You will get 6500MESH

ID users of 2118294560 have 101 people entering the community through your invitation links. You will get 5100MESH

ID users of 1174764746 have 98 people entering the community through your invitation links. You will get 5950MESH

Noteworthy is that among the lucky recipients, the farthest two are 10000 kilometers apart, namely Mr. Li Yibin from Sichuan, China, and Steve in California, USA.

If you didn’t get any MESH this time around, no need to despair! We will have another round coming in early May.

Activity Preview

On April 2018 17-18 days, the MeshBox Team will attend the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference held in Singapore’s Xinyue University for Social Sciences. At that time, MeshBox Founder Xiao Yongquan will make a series of important speeches introducing all the latest developments on MeshBox and related technologies.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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