MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.5.07 – 2018.5.13)

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.5.07 – 2018.5.13)

Hello MeshBox Community!  Time flies and we’ve already made it to another edition of the Weekly Update.

Last week, the MeshBox team achieved quite a bit, most important of this was conducting the docking test for SmartRaiden and MeshBox, which greatly accelerated the speed of the project. Now the team is pressing further on ahead with even more developments as they push to deliver the next generation blockchain mesh network to all corners of the world.

Technical Developments

Last week, SmartRaiden was given several rounds of operational tests on MeshBox, and the results showed that MeshBox was properly configured to handle SmartRaiden. Although the MeshBox team had already predicted this, the team was still very excited at the success. The reason for this is that this shows that we are in the clear for SmartRaiden to establish a convenient payment system that connects the world through the MeshBox to facilitate global payments for SMT & MESH holders.

In addition to the multiple rounds of SmartRaiden tests, the team also worked on other MeshBox features last week. MeshBox is now ready for its first prototype test. If this test is successfully completed, then MeshBox will directly enter the first stage of production. The MeshBox tech team will see to it that every step of the process is treated with great care and attention, even when things start to move rapidly.

You may have noticed that the MeshBox official website has been overhauled with a new design aimed for a better user experience. If not, you can go to MeshBox.Network and check it out now. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Meanwhile, the tech team has been busy at work developing the MeshBox App. At present, the functionality of the APP has been completed along with a design prototype. The tech team hopes that it can add more practical and appealing features to the App and is currently testing some of them to see if they are feasible.

Market Action

Some may be asking themselves, although MeshBox has completed successful rounds of testing, can it really enter the first stage of production? The answer is yes! Because the MeshBox team chose a manufacturer last week and they have reached an agreement for cooperation.

In order to select the manufacturer, MeshBox Founder Xiao Yongquan, visited factories in person to discuss the details and requirements for production. After more than a week of screening, MeshBox selected manufacturers that we believe will bring the utmost quality along with a timely delivery schedule.

Also last week, thanks to joint efforts between the marketing team and the tech team, the MESH token’s unlocking process has been completed, and MESH transfers and transactions can now be executed via the wallet. MESH will also resume activity on the HitBTC exchange very soon and we will make an announcement as soon as it does.

That’s all for this week’s updates.  Please stay tuned and follow the update next week to get all the latest news on MeshBox.  See you then!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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