MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.4.30–2018.5.06)

Hello Everyone! MeshBox is increasingly gaining publicity throughout the world in hi-tech, blockchain, fintech and network circles. Let’s take a look at the latest highlights and updates.

MeshBox has been rapidly evolving from a mere idea on the whitepaper into a real hardware box that will roll out in less than six months. Although MeshBox is still in its early stages of development, the team believes that when it goes to market, it will really shock the world.

Coming up this month of May, MeshBox will also unveil a new chapter in its development. So gear up for the news when its ready!

Technical Developments

As May weather fills the air, MeshBox enters its Q2 stage of development for 2018. According to the whitepaper, MeshBox will complete the development of core functionality such as operating system transplantation and routing/ad hoc network/transmission control during this phase. If Q1 was any indicator of what to expect from the tech team in Q2, then everything will go very efficiently.

The Tech R&D Team is still moving along full steam ahead. They optimized the web management system for the back-end of the MeshBox and debugged the development board. This covers router information acquisition, router automatic upgrade switching and time setting, router version update detection, network bandwidth manual setting, LAN custom domain name binding and more adding up to over 10 tasks. After this optimization, the back-end management system will have more functionality than the previous version and will feature a better overall user experience.

The MeshBox official website overhaul is also nearing completion and the revised official website is expected to launch this week. Here’s a sneak preview screenshot:

Market Action

Last week, MeshBox market development was fruitful.

The most noteworthy point is that MeshBox has started screening manufacturers. In order to sort out which manufacturers will have the capabilities to properly execute MeshBox mass production, MeshBox Founder Mr. Xiao Yongquan went to the factories personally to check out production conditions and discuss the needs for MeshBox with the manufacturers face to face.

As of now, this manufacturer screening work is still ongoing. After a comprehensive review of all the candidates, the MeshBox team will choose the most qualified to ensure that the first line of MeshBox units is produced at the fastest speed and highest quality possible.

The MeshBox team also spent many hours communicating with the SmartMesh team on the topic of “syncing the public chain with the box”. After the exchange, both sides identified how MeshBox will be implemented to carry the Spectrum public chain and also support SmartRaiden in the future. MeshBox will trailblaze the coming era of blockchain 4.0 and carry the blockchain industry into its next phase of existence.

The marketing team has also increased MeshBox publicity. Through deep cooperation with the renowned media outlets, the MeshBox concept is gaining more and more worldwide attention. People are becoming more knowledgeable and optimistic about the project as the word spreads further and further.

Concluding Remarks:

The MeshBox team is continuing to work hard and achieve the dream of delivering a full-fledged blockchain ecosystem that spans all corners of the populated world. If you want to find out more, stay tuned to all our social media and look out for the next weekly update. Tell your friends and colleagues too!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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