MeshBox Weekly Update 2018.5.14 – 2018.5.20

At present MeshBox development is booming, and it is gearing up for a live demo to show off its operational features this week. This is not only an achievement for the MeshBox team, but also a milestone for all of mankind.

As MeshBox makes steady progress, more and more people believe in the feasibility of blockchain-based Mesh networks being realized. As mentioned in the MeshBox white paper, blockchain Mesh networks can establish stable nodes within MeshBox and then transmit data through them point to point. In other words, MeshBox is a quintessential component in the development of the global blockchain Mesh network.

When MeshBox rolls out, it will attract the attention of the world blockchain enthusiasts and create a new breed of network service providers, and the world will be connected through MeshBox!

Technical Developments

As mentioned in last week’s update, the MeshBox technology team began to carry out combing the MeshBox APP for errors and making sure all the functionality will be released in V1. In the space of only a week, the design for the APP terminal connection box API has been completed. As an important control program for MeshBox, people will not need to master any skills and instead just use the MeshBox APP to control MeshBox functionality such as switching network communication on and off, data downloading, memory management and so on.

Another important task at this stage is to ensure that all the procedures and functionality of MeshBox at the present stage are stable and performing normally through repeated tests.

If you are confident in an R & D program, do you need to run tests? The answer is negative. Repeated tests do not concern the program operation, but rather are necessary to verify the stability of the program throughout multiple data operation scenarios, and thereby achieve a greater level of objectivity and accuracy.

Up to now, several programs, including the basic back-end management functionality and the potential extended components for MeshBox, have completed testing. The results show that all programs are running normally. In addition, in order to ensure a smooth presentation at the May 24th Vietnam summit, the MeshBox technical team also conducted a simulation demo test.

Market Action

Last week, the MeshBox Chinese and international communities have made great strides and both continue to grow.

The dramatic increase in community membership is inextricably linked to the efforts of the MeshBox marketing team. The MeshBox marketing team focuses its energy into three initiatives, which are international marketing promotions, minding the Chinese community and answering questions made by community members. As a result, the MeshBox marketing team has successfully met their expected goals. At present, although MeshBox has not even been manufactured yet, due to the multiple efforts of the MeshBox marketing team, many blockchain enthusiasts have recognized the magic of MeshBox and became loyal fans.

The MeshBox marketing team also held a conference recently to share experiences, discuss recent work and trade tips. This will allow the team to provide better services for the MeshBox community as we march on into the future.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Weekly Update next week to follow all the evolving details of the MeshBox project.

* All times mentioned in this article are Singapore time.

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