MeshBox Weekly Update [2018.5.28-2018.6.03]

MeshBox Weekly Update [2018.5.28-2018.6.03]

Last week, the ever ambitious MeshBox team completed a variety of R & D initiatives and tests in the space of just a week, allowing for steady project progress.  Here are the latest MeshBox highlights and updates:

Technical Team

This week, the technical team focused on Mesh ad hoc network protocol research and node communication tunnels, further strengthening MeshBox’s functionality in these areas.

Bolstering the functionality of MeshBox ad hoc networks is the primary focus for the team before mass production commences. The reason behind this is that ad hoc networks not only attract the attention of blockchain and network development enthusiasts, but also offer real deployable solutions to empower geographies currently without internet-access to have functional network driven communities. Therefore, the tech team attaches great importance to this core functionality and is making sure that MeshBox is the global leader in this area.

The technology team also set up a new server, establishing a mechanism for public and private key encryption. Anyone who has used a digital wallet before probably has some understanding of public and private key encryption.   MeshBox’s custom software also uses this technology, giving it a high level of security.

In addition, the product team met to discuss the features of the MeshBox App. The team wants the MeshBox App to include more functionality that people may use in their daily lives. As a result, the tech team came up with a large number of features that are practical for daily life, and the next step will be to prioritize their R&D and implementation.

Market Action

After the public demonstration of internet-free payments in Vietnam, MeshBox’s reputation has spread like wildfire. Many organizations are now eager to witness the magic of this technology first-hand. How to further publicize MeshBox at this stage has become the primary focus of the marketing team.

On the other hand, the MeshBox prototype test machine has been assembled, marking the entry of MeshBox’s marketing into a new stage. In this stage, the marketing team has increased MeshBox publicity, and media initiatives that show MeshBox’s advantages from various different angles will be launched on a regular basis. The marketing team believes written articles are still one of the best ways to connect the project with blockchain and technology enthusiasts and so they will continue to be one of the primary mediums of promotion.

Meanwhile, the MeshBox Chinese community and international community are also developing at a steady pace. The MeshBox is ready to meet everyone’s expectations as we get closer and closer to MeshBox rolling out to production.

Please stay tuned next week for all the highlights and updates related to MeshBox. See you then!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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