MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.6.18 – 2018.6.24)

On June 24, 2018 MeshBox Chief Scientist Peter Yan attended the “Global Blockchain Summit” held in the Philippine capital Manila to speak about the supporting role MeshBox will play in blockchain Mesh networks.  The excitement is building as the imminent release of the first versions of MeshBox are gearing up to roll out and this event was perfect timing to update everyone on the latest progress.

Technical Developments

At the “Global Blockchain Summit” in Manila, MeshBox Chief Scientist Peter Yan made an onstage appearance with the indoor version of MeshBox accompanying it in its first public appearance.

MeshBox plays an important role in blockchain Mesh networks providing stable network nodes that help SmartRaiden offline payment technology to operate.

MeshBox supports blockchain-based Mesh network

MeshBox is not only able to provide nodes for blockchain Mesh networks, but also has various practical features. The MeshBox team has a long list of functionality that they can integrate with MeshBox, and they are implementing the most practical ones first.

Meanwhile, the product team has started working on a prototype for the back-end management which will allow the long list of functions to be operated properly.  MeshBox is being designed to lead a paradigm shift in networking architecture that can bring about great social change and economic renaissance through its ability to exist in nearly all geographic terrains, bringing with it great practical use. The team is enthusiastically working toward this exciting ideal and enjoying all the milestones along the way.

Market Action

The “Global Blockchain Summit” in Manila was a great opportunity for Chief Scientist Peter Yan to both speak to those present as well as network with them and answer all of their questions.  The Philippines is a prime geography where MeshBox could play a huge role in facilitating a next-generation network infrastructure, which is currently a prime goal of the Philippines.

MeshBox chief scientist Peter Yan holds the MeshBox Indoor Version

The event was quickly covered and shared on social media as updates, photos and videos were dispatched all day long in real-time.  It is now beginning to dawn on people that MeshBox is not just a network router that provides coverage where traditional networks cannot, but that is an economic generator and multi-functional hub as well.

MeshBox Chief Scientist, Mr. Peter Yan, exchanges with guests

MeshBox will bring digital payment, storage, streaming and the ability to earn token rewards with it wherever it is deployed, and fleets of Dapps built by third-party developers will bring even more possibilities to the table.

As the routing and forwarding node for Mesh networks and the transaction node for sub-chain SmartRaiden transfers, MeshBox can obtain SMT rewards assisting mesh nodes with internet-free data transmissions. MeshBox can also contribute hard disk space and caching data resources to the system, earning MESH rewards for those services. When the Dapps come on board, MeshBox can earn rewards from them as well.  MeshBox is a powerpack of functionality all in all, and will be a great boost to all those who benefit from it.  And that can be a lot of people, as one of the primary targets for MeshBox is connecting the 4 Billion people on earth who currently do not have adequate network access.

That’s all for this week’s edition, make sure to stay tuned for the next MeshBox Weekly Update to get all the latest news regarding the quickly evolving MeshBox and its related technologies.  Have a great week!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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