MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.6.11 – 2018.6.17)

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.6.11 – 2018.6.17)

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update. Lately, the MeshBox team has done a lot of work on UI page development, mobile APP functional design, and internal program adaptation testing in addition to other work.

MeshBox is the first blockchain-based Mesh network router in the world. The project itself is built upon precision hardware with a very low margin of error. The project team also has an abundance of software and hardware development experience.  It’s a winning combination with tremendous potential that is about to be converted into reality.

Technical Developments

UI page design might appear to be simple, but actually it is very complex. Proper UI page design must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also take into account the functional layout of the technology. Ultimately it requires a perfect balance between form, function and style.

Last week, the technical team began developing designs for the MeshBox page UI. The picture below is a draft.

(MeshBox UI Page Design First Draft)

MeshBox APP R&D is also underway, and the tech team tested a Demo version of APP, which was carried out for the routing function of MeshBox, and the test results have been drawn up for the comparison of the subsequent test results. The APP’s UI design has also reached a complete first draft now. What you see below may well resemble the interface you see in the future release.

(MeshBox APP UI Design First Draft)


As we all know, MeshBox is based on hardware that uses the underlying SmartMesh technology protocol. As long as you own MeshBox and provide network nodes to others, you can earn SMT. But have you ever wondered what kind of earnings you make based on time, traffic or other methods? Traditional telecom operators have a complex and mature BOSS billing system to deal with this challenge. But MeshBox will be the first blockchain-based Mesh network system, and it will require a brand new customized accounting system to accompany its network provision features.

In response to this problem, the MeshBox tech team and product team have held many discussions. At present, a scientific and reasonable pricing and incentive scheme has begun to take shape, and the teams will continue to make an effort to get it across the finish line.

MeshBox hardware startup involves the interaction of programs such as WEB, MeshBox server, and the mobile phone APP. In order to make MeshBox maintenance and development more efficient in the future as well as now, the team is careful to document and chart MeshBox architecture, processes and stage development so that future team members who are not present now can understand its development history.

In May, MeshBox demonstrated the world’s first successful internet-free payment to the world in Vietnam. It garnered much worldwide attention for MeshBox, and also inspired organizations around the world to invite MeshBox to their events, hoping to get an early opportunity to allow MeshBox to be deployed in their locales.

One of the latest confirmed events that MeshBox will be present at is the “Global Blockchain Summit Forum” held in Manila, Philippines, on June 24, 2018. MeshBox Chief Scientist, Mr. Peter Yan, will share all the latest MeshBox developments on the scene.

MeshBox community development is also moving steadily along as numbers continue to grow in a proportionate relationship to awareness of what prospects MeshBox and its related technologies hold in store for the 21st century world.  So make sure you follow all of the MeshBox social media and groups so you can stay informed on all the latest MeshBox updates in the lightning fast blockchain industry.

Naturally, you can also stay tuned here and catch all the highlights in next week’s edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore Time

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