MeshBox Weekly Update July 23rd, 2018

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.7.16 – 2018.7.22)

In the future, people will no longer be plagued by the absence of network coverage, because MeshBox will be deployed globally and will provide nodes for blockchain-based Mesh networks that stretch across all geographies.

Since MeshBox will create a new distributed routing / storage device standard, every step of research and development requires the oversight of blockchain and network communications experts.

In the past week, the MeshBox team continued this thorough and innovative process that is laying down the framework for the future next generation of communication, economic and technological architecture.

Here are the details and highlights of all the latest developments in the MeshBox project:

Technical Developments

Last week, the tech team focused on the development of the MeshBox APP. Ensuring that the MeshBox system version matches up with the APP code is a key technical challenge for the team. To this end, the team conducted a number of tests including program compilation and developer program docking in order to achieve this goal. Through a variety of attempts, the technical team has achieved satisfactory results, and APP research and development progress has been basically consistent with MeshBox hardware.  There will be more synchronization and related tests coming soon to keep pace and stability as the team moves forward with the project.

Meanwhile, MQTT channel research and development is also making good progress, and is expected to be completed this week finishing ahead of schedule. After the MQTT channel is completed, the tech team will complete the research and development for the registration, login and service functions of the backend management portal through this channel.

The basic functionality for the MeshBox Web UI backend have been completed, and preliminary tests have been carried out.

Market Action

The technology of the MeshBox project is maturing day by day, and the marketing team is running on all cylinders to get it as much visibility on the world stage as possible. The team has been researching numerous potential markets in numerous countries potential  for MeshBox, and has written a pilot proposal outlining the positive role MeshBox plays when deployed to a network. As the team zeros in on the markets with the best prospects they will establish contacts there and roll out localized marketing plans.

The marketing team has always regarded community activity as a very important indicator, and Mr. Xiao Yongquan, the founder of MeshBox, joined online group discussions to talk about the project details. MeshBox marketing and pre-sale operations were some of the topics and suggestions were also welcomed from the community.  If you have great marketing ideas for MeshBox and its related technologies, please send them in an email to We look forward to them and hope we can use them!

If you want to keep track of all the dynamic details of the MeshBox project, please stay tuned next week for another edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.  Thanks for reading and see you soon!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore Time

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