MeshBox Weekly Update July 30, 2018

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.7.239 – 2018.7.29)

Welcome everyone, to the latest edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.

In the past week, MeshBox’s R&D progress has been advancing steadily through collaborative efforts and has exceeded all the expectations set forth in the original whitepaper, much to the excitement of the team and all involved.  Here are all the latest updates:

Technical Developments

On July 27th, the MeshBox technical team held a meeting attended by founder Xiao Yongquan to discuss MeshBox hardware design and management software development.

The MQTT channel continues to develop, and the technical team has been focusing on reconstructing the channel program in order to reduce the load on the CPU. After some discussion it was determined that MeshBox will finally adopt JSON format rules to facilitate maintenance and updating in practical applications. Meanwhile, MeshBox no longer uses a custom Struct to be an SDK wrapper, and its readability has been further improved.

The MeshBox industrial power design plan is also being confirmed. After it is approved, MeshBox will officially enter the production preparation stage. It is worth mentioning that the MeshBox mold contract is ready for final confirmation from the production plant. Manufacturing hardware equipment requires specific certification and after some discussion by the tech team, they decided to do three certifications: FCC, CCC and CE.

MeshBox has multiple mining functions, so how many SMT and MESH can be generated even when there is no internet connection? Last week, the team carried out the first discussion on mining profit. After establishing a clear set of rules, it will be discussed with the marketing team in order to ensure that the mining income scheme is fair, feasible and effective.

Market Action

The marketing team has been hard at work communicating with the technical teams so that they can understand all the latest technologies involved in the MeshBox project.  This way, as we race towards production timelines, the marketing team will be able to fluently describe all the features, functionality and underlying mechanics of the MeshBox ecosystem.  In addition to that, they have been in constant exchanges with the MeshBox community on Social Media filling in everyone on the latest news and fielding questions that range from easy to quite complex.  You can be sure that when production rolls around, the Marketing team will be 10 steps ahead of everyone in a great effort to push it to the masses and beyond.

That’s all for this week’s update.  If you want to keep up with all the latest updates and highlights related to the MeshBox project, please stay tuned in to the next edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.

* All times mentioned in this article is Singapore time

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