MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.8.06 – 2018.8.12)

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.8.06 – 2018.8.12)

MeshBox is the world’s first network router hardware box that is integrated with blockchain technology and is the primary hardware component in the SmartMesh Ecosystem, playing host to Spectrum chain nodes and bolstering ad-hoc mesh networks with a robust array of features and a tokenized local economy.  Now the technical and marketing teams are pressing forward in tandem to deliver the next generation of communications technology and much more to the whole world, especially the vast regions and populations who have never even had them before.  Here are the latest highlights and updates from the project:

Technical Developments

The technical team has completed the MeshBox new version integration test, which includes updated MeshBox APP and Web management capabilities. The test results show that MeshBox APP and Web can initially function together with the MeshBox firmware running.

The design for the exterior casing for MeshBox is also moving along as planned. The technical team has already docked up with the manufacturer in the production process, and is waiting to take next steps.

The MeshBox technical team uses an easy to understand language to communicate with its CPU which is an Intel 1.6 GHz characteristized by low power consumption, low temperature, strong frequency, enduring stability and more. It is widely accepted by hardware enthusiasts.

The technical team also held a second MeshBox earnings meeting based on suggestions from the marketing team and some enthusiastic community friends. Many details for revenue rules and reward strategies were discussed in great detail. The team believes that a strong incentive mechanism will encourage many people to participate in MeshBox’s global deployment strategy, and so they must be carefully designed to maximize the amount of people that will benefit from MeshBox.

Market Direction

This week the marketing team has been maintaining MeshBox social media communities as well as pushing to expand recognition of the project worldwide.

In terms of community maintenance, the team has stepped up community management, not only answering questions from community members, but also communicating MeshBox’s vision for the future and ultimate goals to the masses.

Lately efforts have been made to promote MeshBox in Japan, the Philippines, Russia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, and plans to conduct research in India, Vietnam and other markets is also underway. Meanwhile, numerous agencies from various countries relevant to the goals of the project have already docked up with the marketing team in the hope of establishing in-depth business cooperation with MeshBox.

Singapore and the Philippines have been recent hotbeds for MeshBox activity, but now other opportunities are appearing on the horizon for expansion and deployment and the Marketing Team is heeding their calls. So look out for events and news in new locations soon and let us know if you have any opportunities available in your locale or field of influence, just drop us a line on social media.

That’s all for this week’s update, stay tuned for the next edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update to get all the latest highlights and updates from the MeshBox project.

* All times mentioned in the article refer to Singapore time.

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