MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.7.30 – 2018.8.05)

MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.7.30 – 2018.8.05)

As the technology, networking and blockchain industries and markets continue to race at exponentially increasing speeds, the MeshBox project trajectory is aimed to launch into the forefront of the competition and change the paradigm of how people communicate, interact and transact on planet earth.

MeshBox is the first network hardware routing box in the world to incorporate blockchain technology with an experienced and creative technical team behind it.  It has met many tests along the way and has passed them with burgeoning strength as the dates for market roll-out get rapidly approach.

Technical Developments

MeshBox R&D has been very smooth and now the exterior molding is now in production. Compared with previous 3D versions, this mold not only fully conforms to the precise measurements of the MeshBox prototype, but is also fully consistent with hardware installation requirements. Since this mold will define the physical dimensions for all foreseeable MeshBox development, it’s an important milestone for the technical team and project progress. This will also catalyze the R&D process as the team now knows exactly what they are dealing with in terms of size, space, volume and weight.  This will also help to gain certain necessary hardware certifications.

The technical team has also tweaked the MeshBox APP, greatly enhancing its operational stability, and MeshBox’s mining profitability plan was initially confirmed last week. The technical team communicated with the marketing team and gathered feedback from them and the mining revenue scheme will be optimized according this feedback. The final scheme will be announced as soon as it is determined.

Market Direction

When MeshBox is distributed all over the world, it will provide a vast number of blockchain-based Mesh network nodes for SmartMesh. Then the establishment of a global blockchain-based Mesh network will become a reality.

In order to prepare MeshBox to be more readily deployed, the marketing team has been busy at work introducing the MeshBox project to the world in numerous languages and platforms in an international publicity push. Last week, the Japanese introduction of the MeshBox project was completed.  Using the MeshBox whitepaper as a blueprint, it fused its content with popular localized vocabulary in Japan, listed the many advantages of MeshBox, and showed how MeshBox can be an effective solution from a Japanese perspective.

This has also been a marked effort on the part of the marketing team to gain a better understanding of MeshBox, its hardware configuration, as well as its functional settings. Last week, the marketing team discussed this and put out the idea of “dismantling” MeshBox to truly understand its anatomy and architecture. If you are a hardware techie, make sure to keep your eyes open for updates on this as the team aims to literally get into the nuts, bolts and circuitboards of MeshBox.

That’s all for this week’s update, stay tuned next time for more highlights and updates straight out of the MeshBox project.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore Time



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