MeshBox Weekly (2019.1.7–209.1.13)

In 2018, the animated film “Invincible Destruction King 2: The Internet”, Internet fans probably know it! The most exciting and novel part of “Invincible Destruction King 2” is to show everything in the Internet age through a special way, combined with anthropomorphic forms. In this system, the Internet is portrayed as a huge, futuristic metropolis; human-computer interaction and network connections are portrayed objectively and visually, just like the transportation of the future world, diverse, speedy, and orderly.

We can now think about the future of the online world: in another way, instead of relying on a central processing unit or other device as a hub to connect with each other, you can use any new technology to achieve any two people or terminals. Contact and transfer information. What we are doing now is this technology, and we are constantly breaking through and promoting… The road ahead is rugged, but we are fearless and dangerous, so we can realize a beautiful scene one day: the network world will be more beautiful and prosperous, human-computer interaction, network connection will be more free, fast, and more in Apple pie order! All of what we envision is no longer an illusion, nor is it just in the movies…

Back to reality, MeshBox and SmartMesh can provide artificial intelligence with a decentralized data market and provide the right incentives for data providers to truly make our society fair. Building distributed nodes for the Internet of Things, each with its own data, is completely decentralized storage, using some encryption algorithms on the blockchain, can truly achieve both personal privacy and good Calculation. It is also impossible for a hacker to black out everyone’s data.

For MeshBox and SmartMesh, it has been applied in a wide range of fields, and has made efforts for the goal of the Internet of Everything. On the afternoon of January 11, 2019, MeshBox CEO Mr. Xiao Yongquan and SmartMesh CEO Mr. Wang Qiheng and founder of Boda Guangtong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Liao Yuan, the CEO, signed a memorandum of comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, so that the three parties can cooperate in more aspects in the future to jointly create a new future for the Internet of Everything. At the same time, this week the technical team has completed the transplantation work from Ethereum to Spectrum. The contract has been deployed to the Spectrum, and the preparation work before the MESH mapping has been completed. In 2019, the MeshBox is about to sail!

Then… Let’s take a look, what are we doing for a better future this week?

The MeshBox technical team completed the migration of MESH from Ethereum to Spectrum last week. The new contract has been deployed to Spectrum and has completed all pre-mapping preparations. The new contract address is Html?address=0x6b95986fc12188f717bf9d075d5b32460a2bed7e .

MeshBox software progress:

1. the distributed storage part, complete the encryption and decryption functions when adding and accessing the directory.

2. The MeshBox APP completes the first round of full-featured testing, and the development is modifying the bug.

3. MeshBox cloud service management platform completes the management function of basic information of Box. Send money rewards, complete flow statistics and display functions.

MeshBox hardware progress:

1. The sample of the outer box of the package is received and confirmed to be satisfactory, and is purchased.

2. The foam material in the package has also been confirmed.

3. The new 5G WiFi module has arrived and has undergone preliminary testing.

4. The main board is arranging for production.

5. MeshBox Tesla and shell manufacturers, assembly manufacturers, the contract is being drafted.

1. The sample box is here!

Congratulations to the fans of MeshBox who will be able to experience the true meaning of the first batch of boxes.

MeshBox is an important intelligent device, Mesh network node, spectrum and photon node in the SmartMesh ecosystem. The owner of the Magic Box will receive SMT and MESH rewards for each channel, node and milestone in the construction of the SmartMesh network!

MeshBox’s friends are rushing to deliver the best magic box to the user!

2. On the afternoon of January 11, 2019, MeshBox CEO Mr. Xiao Yongquan and SmartMesh CEO Mr. Wang Qiheng and Mr. Liao Yuan, founder of Boda Guangtong IOT Technology Co., Ltd., signed a comprehensive memorandum of strategic cooperation agreement, with folloiwng summary.

1) Cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to develop the IoT blockchain standard;

2) Co-designing the Internet of Things based on the Spectrum blockchain, supporting both Lora Mesh and Wifi Mesh;

3) jointly set up a company to run DAPP Internet of Everything solutions. Others have reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which means that MeshBox has been applied in a wide range of fields, and thus strives for the goal of the Internet of Everything.

3. MESH has completed the migration from Ethereum to Spectrum. The new contract has been deployed to Spectrum and submitted to Slow Mist Technology for review last week. It has issued the “Smart Contract Security Audit Report” and means MESH. The preparation work before mapping has been completed.

4. On January 9th, 2019, MeshBox Product Manager and MeshBox Commercial Director participated in the Q&A interaction in the community. The group was very active and responded to the questions of the community one by one. The response was very good. We will continue to do the following.

5. due to the strong demand of community users and market demand, and some users in the process of collecting praise over the time to affect the registration.

In order to allow more small partners to have access to the MeshBox, the project party decided to temporarily open the KYC certification time for the first batch of MeshBox Magic Box internal test lottery qualifications, starting from now.

Special benefits:

In order to give back to the support of the users, the team has developed the first batch of MeshBox magic box internal user reward program, please pay attention to the specific content!

Like and support our friends, what kind of rewards do you hope to receive, please leave a message, our big BOSS (management team?) will also see, if the message suggestion is requisitioned, there are special small gifts!

~What are you waiting for, we need you!

described as follows:

way of participation:

Forward the following picture to the circle of friends, 30, and the MSH or SMT Token holds 100,000 to get the qualification.

The internal test lottery qualification KYC certification stamp here:

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