The most beautiful confession

The first longest waiting (for the MeshBox) in 2019 began at the Beijing Haidian Sijiqing business office;

The first best confession in 2019 began with the magic box that saw the light.

On the eve of the night, I stayed until late in the morning, and after several enquires, the mysterious box yet to turn up.

On January 22, 2019, at 09:15 in the morning, the box that I longed for was coming! Finally waiting for you, fortunately we did not give up! ! !

The moment I received (the MeshBox), my face was smiling, haha~

I have confirmation with my eyes, “You are the right person!”, then the first time (ce) will be held in the my dan …

As everyone knows, Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, CEO of SmartMesh, was invited to speak at the “2019 Boracay Blockchain Summit” with Dr. Virgil Grithiff, member of the Ethereum Foundation, and Mr. Willson, Chairman of the World Blockchain Foundation WBF, and discussed together in the Panel of the development and governance of the blockchain, the mayor of Boracay also attended the summit welcome dinner and delivered a speech. Boracay is known as “the finest beach in the world”. Snowy beaches, blue waters, and bright sunshine make Boracay a world-famous holiday destination; but at the same time, the island’s infrastructure is backward, the scenery is messy, the wires are entangled, and the network infrastructure is especially criticized, in many hotel rooms. No mobile data and Wi-Fi. And this is the social pain that SMT can resolves.

The true “confession” from Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng!

For a long time, Mr. Willson, the founder of the World Bitcoin Foundation, has always given us tremendous support. We sincerely thank you! Mr. Willson has repeatedly stated at various conferences that the SMT and MESH ecosystems are Nobel Prize-level human projects. We are so honored! I also regard Mr. Willson’s speech as a high recognition and spur to me and our team, but we know that we are still too far away, yet !

In the future, we will work harder and strive for more achievements! At the same time, we would like to thank Mr. Willson and two other important members of the World Blockchain Foundation, Mr. Evan and Mr. Kenyon, who have agreed with us to help the market expansion of SMT and MESH ecosystems around the world and help us. Development and optimization. I believe that in the near future, the SMT and MESH ecosystem will surely bloom in the market and win the game!

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