MeshBox Weekly (2019.5.20-2019.5.26)

Recently, MeshBox Tesla beta version with new commercialized scene officially entered the pre-certification preparation and the testing stage, and it also successfully passed the pre-scan. MeshBox Tesla is a commercial version that is suitable for providing networks in public places such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, and office buildings. The development progress of MeshBox has been following the planning on the white paper step by step, and it is getting closer and closer to the final Philippine deployment. Hopefully, SmartMesh can help tens of millions of Filipinos get better networks, money transfer services, and eventually increase their standard of living.

At the same time, MeshBox was invited to the Singapore Meetup at Singapore University of Social Science on May 28th. Our CTO Dr. Peter Yan will speak about the HyperMesh super-division of the high-dimensional connection infrastructure that blockchain has brought to humankind. From 6G, deep space communication, world-wide integrated network, the trace of the food network mesh of ranches, to the super-mesh and edge computing of smart homes, distributed AI, we wish to share our technology and MeshBox to Singapore and become the bridge that connects the world.

This Tuesday afternoon 2:00-5:00pm, we will host a live broadcast of Singapore Meetup to share our works. Please pay attention to the activities in the MeshBox and SmartMesh Singapore Meeting community for updates and watch the live broadcast on time!


Here are our specific work this week:



  1. MeshBox APP version 1.2: add functions (such as open channels, cash out, and close the channel) between boxes, and between boxes and mobile phones. Add the function of paying for data. Allow SmartMesh App to scan the QR code on MeshBox. Begin to do testing summary and the release preparation.
  2. MeshBox APP 1.2.5 version adds functions such as registering new users, spectrum transfer. Complete demand and interaction design review and complete UI design.
  3. The Tesla system software is being debugged and is ready to submit a pre-test.



  1. MeshBox Maxwell project: patching the motherboard.
  2. MeshBox Maxwell project: improved of the shell data and physical materials, communicating with the mold factory.
  3. MeshBox Tesla project: completed the pre-test of the safety test and prepares for the formal test.
  4. MeshBox Tesla project: Improved the logo design of the shell for mass production.
  5. MeshBox Tesla project: Overall testing the prototype.


The specific work of the market is as follows:


  1. The MeshBox Tesla beta version with new commercialized scene officially entered the pre-certification preparation and testing, and it also passed the pre-scan. In the previous stages, the product only passed the US Standard (FCC) and the Philippines Standard (NTC) in order to go on sale and deploy in the Philippines. The experience and technology accumulation developed by Maxwell has brought a lot of help to Tesla’s research and development, so the Tesla project has been very successful since its launch. Although it passed the pre-scan, MeshBox still has a long way to go. Thanks to the hard work of the R&D team’s friends.

  1. On May 20th, SmartMesh and MeshBox delegation met with World Blockchain Foundation (WBF) co-founder Evan, Kenyon, and local business representative Flori to discuss the global blockchain IoT financial technology summit. Evan, on behalf of the World Blockchain Foundation WBF, once again said that the Thai government is very keen to see that SmartMesh will hold the global blockchain IoT financial technology summit in August in Bangkok, which is a more international financial center in Southeast Asia comparing to the originally planned Manila. Beyond that, the The Thai government can provide financial support. WBF’s Evan and Kenyon said that Thailand is more developed than the Philippines, so the Philippine government and bank officials are more willing and pay more attention to visit Bangkok to participate in the deployment.


  1. On May 21st, Wang Qiheng, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, and Peter Yan, CTO of the MeshBox Foundation, met with representatives of the Philippine Senate and the MPBL Basketball League, and exchanged views with representatives of the blockchain community in the Philippines ty.

  1. On May 22nd, MeshBox Foundation CTO, Peter Yan, and Commercial Director, He Jun, visited Manila’s two conference centers, SMX Mall of Asia and the Philippine International Conference Center.


  1. On May 25th, MeshBox Foundation CTO, Peter Yan, and SmartMesh Foundation Chairman, Wang Qiheng, were invited to meet with the World Boxing Champion and Filipino Senator Manny Pacquiao.

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