MeshBox Weekly (2019.07.01-2019.07.07)

At 8:00 pm on Saturday, the SMT·MESH Community Preparatory Committee held a third discussion meeting. They discussed and voted on six proposals related to the SMT·MESH Community Committee.

At present, MeshBox’s Maxwell Project and Tesla Project are progressing steadily. The Maxwell Project will be pre-tested for safety, and the first trial production of the motherboard and casing of the Tesla project is underway.


Here are our specific works this week:




  1. MeshBox system software version 1.2.4 is being developed. Finish testing the compatibility of Paid Internet Access with smartphones.
  2. Completes the first round of pre-test and bug summary of MeshBox Tesla system software.
  3. On MeshBox APP, adds 4G module configuration and photon spectroscopy application information to complete the requirements and interaction design.
  4. Demand analysis of Wi-Fi encryption authentication. Demand analysis and feasibility analysis of access control and billing of boxes within the same Mesh group.



  1. MeshBox Maxwell Project: The new Maxwell safety certification is being rectified. Make an appointment to do pre-test again.
  2. MeshBox Tesla Project: Modify the design of the overall manual, silk screen, etc.
  3. MeshBox Tesla Project: Producing the motherboard.
  4. The MeshBox Tesla Project: Producing the outer shell.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

  1. The SMT·MESH Community Preparatory Committee held its third meeting at 8 pm on Saturday. The minutes of this meeting are as follows:

1) How to set up the Executive Office of the Community Commission, who will be responsible for implementing the decision-making plan of the Community Commission.

The proposal has not been passed: We are not considering this step for the time being and will make plans later.

2) How to set up the Secretariat of the Community Committee, who will be responsible for communication between the Community Committee and the project team, meeting minutes, etc.

Proposal passed: Will be handled by Bella or other personnel.

3) Referendum voting incentive plan.

The rewards plan is pending.

4) The members of the Community Committee are obliged to submit a motion. Community members need to reach a consensus before the community votes.

The proposal passed: For all the proposals of the Community Committee, the committee members will decide whether it needs a referendum and then implements it.

5) The committee members will make proposals based on the opinions of the community members, institutions, platforms, and partners. If most of the committee members are unable to reach a consensus, then they need to give specific feedback to the person who gave the opinion.

The proposal was passed.

6) Each member of the Community Committee is responsible for at least participating in a specific community affair, including but not limited to drafting proposals, community feedback, application and function development, community organization, public outreach, etc.

The proposal was passed.

  1. The MeshBox Foundation and the SmartMesh Foundation communicated with the Philippine Inclusive Wi-Fi company to explore the integration of MeshBox into the company’s existing Wi-Fi network, explore ways to use MeshBox for content distribution, and use Spectrum and Photon networks as a payment method. The company has deployed networks in six cities, including Mandaluyon and Pasay in the Philippines, making revenue through ads embedded in Wi-Fi. The focus of the cooperation is to introduce the SMT and MESH certification system to create a richer and more scalable operating model.

Up to now, the Inclusive Wi-Fi company has provided the network topology details of the specific deployment scenarios of Wi-Fi in a city around Manila. Our company will develop a product and platform integration solution based on the existing networking and functions of the inclusive Wi-Fi company to further promote the cooperation process.

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