MeshBox Weekly (2019.07.29-2019.08.04)

Last week 8 of the first batch of trial-produced MeshBox Tesla arrived and our team have been testing them.

On July 29th, MeshBox’s Chief Advisor Wang Qiheng was invited to participate in the SUSS Convergence Forumheld in Singapore. Singapore’s role in the blockchain and financial industry has been increasingly important. Thats why Professor Li Guoquan hopes that MeshBox and SmartMesh can take Singapore as the starting point and then expand to ASEAN and Africa from there.

Here are our specifics this week:

Technology Development


1. Testing performance of MeshBox system software V1.2.4 and Tesla new hardware version.


2.Developing some features of MeshBox APP Android version: creating wallets, Spectrum transfer, etc.




1.Pre-tests of MeshBox Maxwell for Chinas SRRC are currently underway and expected to be completed within 4 weeks.


2.MeshBox Tesla project: The factory is re-creating the outter shell according to feedback, and some unqualified accessories are being improved. The improved shell will be used for the first version of the mass production .


3.MeshBox Tesla project: 8 machines have been submitted for internal acceptance testing.


4. The MeshBox Tesla project: Previous internal acceptance test was unable to pass the flow test due to flow problems. The test method has been improved and new tests are currently underway.


5. MeshBox Tesla Project: The acceptance plan was internally discussed. It is agreed that it would take 21 days to test and confirm if there is no problem, including internal software testing and outsourced hardware testing.

1.8 of the first batch of trial-produced MeshBox Tesla arrived and are undergoing the acceptance testing.


2. MeshBox’s Chief Advisor, Wang Qiheng attended the closed-door meeting on the 29th July and participated in the SUSS Convergence Summit Forum at Singapore University of Social Sciences the netx day. The theme of the forum was Inclusive Blockchain, Finance, and Emerging Technologies. You can check out the video of the conference by this link

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