MESH Token Announcement

Dear MESH token holders:
It has been a while since the fall of the FCoin exchange. Since the platform has not resumed operations, MESH will start an official project to account for MESH assets starting from 23 June 2020 to 8 July 2020 (we will not take into account any tokens past the deadline) in order to protect the interests of MESH token holders.
We hope that relevant MESH token holders will send the following information to the MESH official email.
1. For users with assets in FCoin, please send screenshots of FCoin assets + new personal wallet address to the official email of MESH: (Note: If there were deposit or withdrawal records, please add the transaction screenshot and transaction hash so that we can streamline the verification process).
2. For users whose assets are in the MESH official wallet, please send the asset wallet address + wallet asset status to the official email: (Note: no need to provide a new wallet address).
Please do not send fraudulent asset information or you’ll have to bear the consequences.
MESH personnel will complete the asset totalling as soon as possible. Do refer to our website to stay updated on the progress. Thank you for your continuous support!
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