MeshBox Biweekly Report (2021.02.06 -2021.02.19)

Although the past two weeks was Chinese New Year holiday, almost all the Chinese R&D and marketing team continued to work from home just like the overseas teams. And this week, everyone has returned to the office. We want to wish all the community members who have been supporting the MeshBox project a great start, and good luck in the Year of the Ox!


The following is our specific work for the past two weeks:

Software development

Designing the PCDN distributed edge node reward technical solution:

1. Edge nodes can stake MESH tokens, and the basic rewards for block mining will be distributed to these edge nodes;

2. Edge node completes tasks such as relaying data for streaming media, and obtains a share of the MESH rewards that were staked by the CDN operator from time to time by submitting the relay certificate.


Hardware development

1. Researched the firmware structure of Qualcomm IPQ6000.  Analyzed the system differences under NAND Flash, eMMC FLash, and NOR Flash; studied the official manual of IPQ.

2. Researched the hardware manual and bootstrap startup of the Qualcomm IPQ6000,.

3. Researched the uboot, and the burning system of Qualcomm IPQ6000.

4. Researched the applications of the Qualcomm Pros series SOC chip market positioning.

1. Provided quoted price for MeshBox networking solutions and traceability solutions to domestic blockchain partners;

2. Communicated with customers in the Philippines on the demand for MeshBox in the Southeast Asian content distribution market, and determined the next cooperation plan;

3. Shared the basic concepts and principles of PCDN with the marketing department, and discussed the business model for marketing in Southeast Asia.

The specific work of business marketing is as follows:

1. The Year of the Ox started well, just after the Chinese New Year, the two directors of MeshBox, Professor David Lee and Henry, held several conference calls to arrange the work for 2021. They clarified that global media releases will be launched in 2021 to cooperate with global community construction and MeshBox product deployment. 

2. MeshBox CEO Peter had a conference with an American company in which MeshBox invested. The products this company is researching and developing will be incorporated into the SmartMesh and MeshBox ecosystem. This product will help with network billing using photon network and deployed together with MeshBox Tesla on Siargao Island in the Philippines. 

3. MeshBox CEO Peter is currently co-teaching the “Singapore Blockchain Developer Training Intermediate Course”, at the same time working on defining potential projects for MeshBox ecosystem. 

4. On February 16, MeshBox consultant Henry was invited to give lectures on blockchain and the Internet of Value, for the EMBA class of Nanyang Technological University, and provide blockchain and Mesh network education for elite managers in various fields, using SmartMesh and MeshBox ecosystem as an example.

5. On February 16, MeshBox consultant Henry was invited to share blockchain investment knowledge to a Chinese Investment Club. The project will be introduced later.

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