MeshBox Weekly Update April 23, 2018

MeshBox Weekly Update April 23rd, 2018

Greetings Everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.

Last week, the MeshBox team caught the attention of blockchain enthusiasts worldwide at the Global Inclusive Blockchain Summit in Singapore. The team was delighted to see all the excitement and it reinforced our belief that MeshBox has a very strong future ahead of it.

Technical Developments

Last week, the tech team completed a design for the MeshBox official website overhaul. In the near future, the official website will be upgraded and revised. They were also hard at work optimizing the stability of communication between MeshBox and the SmartMesh App through the mesh network which is paving the way for realizing the Internet of Things. The future will feature great connectivity between MeshBox and numerous devices and technologies.

With regard to backend technology development, the tech team has completed a number of tasks, such as displaying routing information on the home page, configuring various routing modes, and working on password configurations for WIFI accounts. MeshBox will enable everyone to have a robustly featured network at their fingertips in the future.

MeshBox is the first decentralized blockchain Mesh network hardware router, with hardware based on the open-source SmartMesh protocol and multiple mining capabilities. Mesh network routing, content storage and distribution functions will all be combined in one device. MeshBox will be able to earn MESH token rewards by providing data storage and content distribution to users. In the future, there will be many third party DApps in the MeshBox ecosystem as well.

Market Action

Last week, the MeshBox team attended the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference in Singapore and MeshBox founder, Mr. Xiao Yongquan, announced there that MeshBox along with SmartMesh, RSK, Dcntral, Mesh++, StealthGrid, and MATRIX have formed the UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY AND CONSENSUS ORGANIZATION (UCCO). The establishment of the UCCO will speed up the next generation of network infrastructure construction to meet the upcoming era of the blockchain Internet of Things, benefitting our future civilization. This will help roughly 3 billion 900 million currently unconnected people on earth gain network access, covering areas with no network base stations and poor network signal. As a member of UCCO, MeshBox will do its best to contribute network nodes to help achieve the vision of the UCCO.

UCCO members

MeshBox Founder Xiao Yongquan speaking at the conference

MeshBox Founder Xiao Yongquan and RSK CEO Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar

Peter Yan, the Chief Scientist of MeshBox, also attended the event in Singapore and discussed how to build a blockchain based parallel Internet and establish it as a major world networking infrastructure.  He also touched on how the UCCO will really push for the development of peer to peer networks.

(Mesh++ CEO Danny Gardner with MeshBox Chief Scientist Peter Yan)

Meanwhile, the advantages of MeshBox have also attracted the attention of the Singapore government. At the site of the Singapore summit, government agencies were standing by to watch the MeshBox demo, as well as discuss possibilities between MeshBox and the country.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Xiao Yongquan and Peter Yan were invited by the Singapore IMDA (Information and Media Development Administration) to visit the government of Singapore and discuss the project in depth.

SmartMesh Global VP of Engineering Kraken Yu was invited by RSK Rootstock to attend their RSK Blockchain Tour activities in Hongkong. Kraken introduced MeshBox to the RSK community at the meeting. RSK, a team that is considered first in their class, is currently joining forces with MeshBox and SmartMesh to create the future Internet of Value through the vision of the UCCO.

SmartMesh Global VP of Engineering Kraken Yu


MeshBox Registration was also opened, and a successful MeshBox Telegram MESH airdrop was completed.  There will be similar activities in the future so stay tuned next week for more news and updates!

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