MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.6.04 – 2018.6.10)


MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.6.04 – 2018.6.10)


The stable development of MeshBox will lay down the foundation for the blockchain Mesh network. Inspired by this mission, the MeshBox team has been working hard day and night to achieve outstanding results. All of this effort has elevated the performance and development of MeshBox as we cruise through project milestones led by an enthusiastic team.

Technical Developments

Although MeshBox has not yet entered the formal production stage, the technology team has begun to simulate actual application scenarios.

The team believes that MeshBox’s new application download and local application update is one of the most necessary practical operations for the daily life of users, and their experience will undoubtedly affect their evaluation of MeshBox.  Therefore, they have tested this functionality and made appropriate adjustments afterwards.  After several rounds of testing and adjustment, the team found the “best balance point”, and the new application downloads and local application updates have been optimized.

Meanwhile, the technology team also carried on stability testing for the application store and the results show that it is very stable and suitable for application status.

OPKG application management services have also been fully migrated to the MeshBox application store, which means that after the formal delivery of MeshBox, everyone can manage MeshBox DAPPs directly through the OPKG application management service.  It is user-friendly as well so even someone who has no technical experience can easily manage it.

Last week, the product team focused on the combination of ad hoc Mesh networks and SmartRaiden payment technology and the relationship with MeshBox and local storage or IPFS storage. The subsequent application design will be carried out as a result of the discussion.


The ultimate goal of the marketing team is to promote the global deployment of MeshBox and realize the connectivity of the blockchain Mesh network across the whole world. To this end, the marketing team has chosen a path of straight shooting about the possibilities of the technology, and let the realities do the talking rather than exaggerated hype.

Last week, community maintenance became one of the main tasks for the marketing team. Through various exchanges with our community members, the team has collected numerous suggestions and passed them on to the  technical team for reference.

The daily publicity of the project is also in full swing. To promote the global deployment of MeshBox, a key factor is allowing the general public to understand the advantages of the project first. In view of this, the marketing team has published numerous articles in multiple languages. These publications have made appearances on many esteemed technology and science outlets and platforms, informing many blockchain and technology enthusiasts about all the advantageous prospects of the MeshBox project.

Thanks for reading this edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.  Stay tuned next week for great news about MeshBox and its related technologies.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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