MeshBox Weekly (2019.1.14–2011.1.20)

“Have you heard ?”


MeshBox, the first batch of Mesh-boxes after test will be taken to the Philippines!


Blockchain is strong, Asian Lion City, Magic Box!

The future of the Internet of Things is the effort of today’s efforts, not taking shortcuts!

Here are our specific work this week:

Technological progress


1. The part of the distributed storage file encryption and decryption begins to encapsulate the API interface and the SDK package. The development of file encryption and decryption is our first extension to IPFS, which makes the files saved by users to the distributed storage system private;

2. MeshBox APP Android version completes the optimization of storage and Internet settings, modifies some BUGs, and submits the second round of full-featured testing;


A portion of the first MeshBox Maxwell has been assembled and is being sent to the MeshBox Beijing Test Center.

Latest news:

in transit 2019–01–21 22:57:01

Express arrivals [Beijing Haidian Sijiqing Business Office]

2019–01–21 15:59 Express has been issued transporting

2019–01–21 15:55 Express has been issued transporting

2019–01–21 14:04 Express shipments have been loaded in [Beijing Shunyi Distribution Center 3], ready to be sent to [Beijing Beilangzhong Heavy Goods Distribution Point] transporting

2019–01–21 13:51 Express arrival [Beijing Shunyi Distribution Center 3] transporting

2019–01–21 13:08 Express has been issued transporting

2019–01–21 11:08 Express shipments have been loaded at [Beijing Capital Airport Distribution Center 2], ready to be sent to [Beijing Shunyi Distribution Center 3] transporting

2019–01–21 06:12 Express delivery [Beijing Capital Airport Distribution Center 2]

Yes, it’s on the way!

The specific work is as follows:

1. On January 15, 2019, MeshBox consultant Mr. Henry Wang gave a speech at the “2019 Boracay Blockchain Summit” with Dr. Virgil Griffith, member of the Ethereum Foundation, and Mr. Willson, Chairman of the World Blockchain Foundation WBF. Discussing the development and governance of blockchain in the roundtable forum

Willson (left), Chairman of the World Blockchain Foundation, took a photo with the Ethereum Foundation Virgil (middle) and the Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, Henry Wang

As an important member of the Ethereum Foundation, Dr. Virgil Griffith expressed his strong interest in MeshBox after listening to Mr. Henry Wang’s speech on SmartMesh. After the dinner, Henry Wang met with Virgil for an in-depth exchange. Virgil immediately decided to become a MeshBox customer, ordered a MeshBox for research and will donate to the SMT Foundation. Virgil said that the currently Vitalik and Ethereum Foundation focuses on improving Ethereum performance, but in the future they will attach great importance to the combination of hardware and software. Virgil believes that MeshBox has taken the lead, and if appropriate, the two sides can work together in greater depth. Mr. Henry Wang spoke highly of Ethereum’s great contribution to the blockchain industry. In the future, these two compatible ecosystems will have more synergies.

Mr. Henry Wang invited the organizer of the “2019 Boracay Blockchain Summit” to the mayor’s office to discuss plans for a multi-party meeting with the mayor, the communications department and the current network construction company after the Spring Festival.

3. At the 2019 Boracay Blockchain Summit, the World Blockchain Foundation (WBF) decided to assist in the global deployment of MeshBox and SmartMesh networks. Mr. Willson, the founder of WBF, is an investor and consultant of SmartMesh and has always given us tremendous support. We sincerely thank you! Mr. Willson has repeatedly stated at various conferences that the SMT and MESH ecosystems are Nobel Prize-level human projects. We are so honored! I also regard Mr. Willson’s speech as a high recognition and spur to me and our team, but we know that we are still too far away! At the Boracay Blockchain Summit, two other important members of the World Blockchain Foundation, Mr. Evan and Mr. Kenyon, actively advised MeshBox on how to expand its business. WBF will help the market expansion of SMT and MESH ecosystems globally. !

4. MeshBox Chief Technology Officer Peter will come to Beijing from the United States to test MeshBox this week. He will carry multiple magic boxes to the Philippines for networking demonstration and DApp technical cooperation.

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